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OEP Couplings manufactures a complete line of high-performance, innovative shaft couplings, precisely machined from advanced materials, using the most sophisticated machining technology available. The OEP Coupling division of Oren Elliott Products, Inc. is a continuation of an already long history of manufacturing excellence.

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The Selection and Specification of Shaft Couplings

Balancing requirements with the capabilities of available couplings requires the consideration of a large number of factors. When selecting a shaft coupling, there is an almost bewilderingly large number of factors to consider; and many of these factors interact with one another, further complicating the task. The engineer will have to prioritize each of these factors in his application, and may be required to compromise on some or all of these characteristics.

Shaft Coupling Installation

Proper installation can be critical in the function of rigid and flexible shaft couplings. Unless shaft couplings are carefully installed, problems can result affecting not only the function of the coupling but of the driving and driven components. While different types of couplings require different installation procedures, there are some general guidelines that can be applied to all.


Customer Referral Program

OEP is launching a new program that will allow you to generate revenue for your company, or for yourself: We will compensate you for any referrals that you make on your behalf that result in new sales for us.
You might know of someone in your industry or in a related industry that might benefit from OEP's products.  If you or your company refer us to a new customer, we will pay you 2% of the value of all revenue directly attributable to your referrals and introductions, at the end of the fiscal year.
There are two ways that you can make referrals:  You can simply send information to the appropriate person at this new company and remind that person to mention that they were referred to our company by you when they contact OEP; or you can send us the contact information for this new company and OEP will contact them without mentioning where the referral come from.  If this contract results in new sales for OEP, we'll pay you a 2% commission at the end of the year.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this program.

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