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  • Protects shaft-support bearings by exerting consistently low reactive forces, even under large misalignments
  • Homokinetic transmission - driving and driven shafts rotate at exactly the same speed at all times
  • Zero backlash and high torsional stiffness
  • Electrical insulation
  • Accommodates moderate radial misalignment in a short length
  • Accommodates relatively large axial misalignment
  • Easy installation in blind or difficult installations - all block couplings have through bores
  • Inexpensive replaceable wear element
  • Internal grease reservoir provides continuous flow of lubrication driven by centrifugal force, allowing coupling to survive harsh, dirty environments
  • Somewhat "failsafe", in the sense that the driving hub will continue to turn the driven hub after failure of the midsection
  • Accommodates a relatively small angular misalignment
  • No mechanical "fuse" feature - unlike standard Oldham designs, under overload, all subcomponents of this coupling must be replaced, rather than one inexpensive wear element
Typical applications:
  • Submersible pumps, agricultural and garden equipment
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Advantages of OEP's Block Coupling over other manufacturers' couplings with similar designs:
  • This configuration is not offered by many coupling manufacturers, and those who do offer only a very limited selection of sizes and materials compared to OEP
  • Higher torsional stiffness, longer service life, and more consistent performance from one coupling to another due to much tighter machining tolerances, better surface finishes
  • Higher static break torque and higher peak torque due to small but critical geometrical features, details of fabrication techniques, and the use of advanced materials and processes
  • Higher RPM rating because of dynamic balance inherent in every coupling
Block coupling Block style shaft coupling 
Variations offered by OEP Couplings:
  • Materials for midsection: Delrin and high-temperature, high-performance thermoplastic.
  • Materials for hub: Alloy 360 brass, alloy 7075 aluminum, and alloy 303 stainless steel
  • Shaft attachment options: Set screw without keyway, set screw with keyway, clamping without keyway, clamping with keyway
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