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  • High torque capabilities
  • Different material choices for the spider allow the user to choose torsional stiffness
  • Somewhat "fail-safe", in the sense that the driving hub will continue to turn the driven hub after failure of the spider
  • Easy installation in blind or difficult installations - all jaw couplings have through bores
  • Dampens variations or spikes in torque, usually caused by the driving element, protecting the support bearings and the driven component, and reducing vibration
  • Wear element can be reversed before being replaced, doubling life
  • Rugged, can function well in harsh environments
  • Replaceable, inexpensive wear element
  • Relatively high reactive forces exerted on support bearings, proportional to misalignment
  • Even preloaded, so-called "zero backlash" jaw couplings have considerable wind-up, which is essentially the same as backlash, and disqualifies jaw couplings from servo applications
  • Accommodates relatively small misalignments, considering large size of couplings

Typical applications:

Pumps, particularly gear, lobe, vane, and reciprocating pumps; also applications involving piston motors, or any system with high torque and vibration, where relative angular location of the two shafts need not remain constant. Click Here to Download Specifications
Jaw Stlye Shaft Coupling




 Advantages of OEP's Jaw Couplings, over jaw couplings from other manufacturers:
  • Miniature sizes available
  • Spiders available in various materials and hardness; hubs available in various materials
  • All hubs very precisely machined from bar: No cheap castings or powdered metal parts, resulting in better overall and more consistent performance
  • Unique geometry of spider, and low coefficient of friction between spider and hubs, minimizes reactive forces, and reduces heating of spider during operation
Variations offered by OEP Couplings:
  • Materials for midsection: Urethane: Good all-around performance; NBR: More torsional dampening; high-temperature rubber: For high-temperature applications or applications exposed to chemicals incompatible with other elastomers.
  • Materials for hub: Alloy 7075 aluminum, alloy 303 stainless steel, nickel plated alloy 1018 steel
  • Shaft attachment options: Set screw without keyway, set screw with keyway, clamping without keyway, clamping with keyway
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